Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was a beautiful Hawaiian Island in the Pacific Ocean before the Japanese attacked it. It was a normal morning on December 7, 1941 when a wave of bombers were coming in over the sea. one of the reasons that there were so many civilian casualties was that this was normal to them since pearl harbor was a Naval base and japan had similar planes to the Pacific fleet. This was a huge turning point in the world and over time caused 100s of thousands deaths. This was also the beginning of World of war 2 ( for more information about world of war2 vist Once the news of pearl harbor reached the white house congress almost imeddiently declared war on Japan. Many civilians in the USA were fearful since we were fighting england at the same time. over 3,500 Americans were killed or wounded in 2 waves of bombers lasting about 2 hours. 350 aircraft were destroyed or badly damaged. Yet no aircraft carriers were attacked. Every single war ship was destroyed or badly damaged.

World War 2 Part 2

The Chronology of World War 2

The start of World of War 2 was said to be started on September 1 1939, starting out with the German invasion of  Poland; Britain and France declared war on Germany 2 days later. The other date for the beginning of World War 2 including the start of the second -sino Japanese war on July 7 1939. Some follow the British Historian A.J.P.  Taylor, who held that the second-sino Japanese war and war in Europe and its colonies occurred simultaneously and the 2 wars merged in 1941. Other starting dates for the beginning of World War 2 is the Italian invasion of  Abyssinia 3 October 1935.  The British Historian Antony Beevor views the beginning of World War 2 as the Battles Of Khalkhin Gol fought between japan and Mongolian, Soviet union  from May to September 1939. The exact date of the beginning  of World War 2 is not universally agreed on. It has been suggested that the war ended at the Armistice of 14 August 1945 (V-G day), rather than the formal surrender of Japan on 2 September 1945; in some European histories it ended on V-E day 8 May 1945. However the treaty with Japan was not signed until 1951, and that with Germany not until 1990.


World of War 2 Part 1

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The Summary Of  World Of War Two

World Of War 2 also known as WWII was a global war that lasted between 1939 to 1945. It included the mass majority of countries. It had all of the worlds superpowers. All of the countries went to one of two sides known as the Allies and the Axis. The war included about 100 million people including more than 30 countries, serving in military units. In the middle of the war, the worst part of the war, almost every single industry was on the war efforts team. This included the engineering industry which made aircrafts ,ground vehicles and weapons, the oil industry which made fuel, the clothing industry which made uniforms, and all of the recruiting programs. Which also replaced the difference between military and civilian needs. There were mass deaths caused by the holocaust and the first nuclear bombing of Japan and was sent from the USA.  Just the mass deaths resulted in 50-85 million fatalities many of them civilian deaths. The War of WWII was the deadliest conflict in history.

The empire of Japan aimed to conquer East Asia and was already at war with the Republic Of China in 1937, but the war was generally said to have begun on September 1 1939 with the invasion of Poland by Germany and the declarations of war on Germany from France and the United Kingdom. From late 1939 to early 1941 in a series of treaties and campaigns, Germany created the Axis alliance with Italy, conquering or subduing most of continental Europe. The United Kingdom and the members of the British Commonwealth were the only Major Allied forces continuing to fight against the Axis, with battles taking place in North Africa as well with the long battles in the Battle of the Atlantic. On June 1941 the European Axis sent out an invasion of the Soviet Union (now known as Russia), giving a start to the largest land theatre of war in history, Which tied down many of the Axis forces for the rest of the war. On December 1941, Japan joined the Axis, attacked The United States Of America and European territories in the Pacific ocean, and quickly conquered much of the western Pacific.

The Axis advance stopped when Japan lost a critical battle in 1942. The battle that Japan lost was at midway near Hawaii, and never regained its  momentum. Germany was defeated in North Africa and at Stalingrad in Russia. In 1943  a series of German defeats in Eastern Europe, the allied invasion of Italy, which eventually brought to the surrender of Italy, also many American victories in the Pacific, The Axis lost the initiative and undertook strategic retreat on all fronts. In 1994, the western allies invaded France, while the Soviet Union regained all of its territorial losses and invaded Germany and its allies. During 1944-1995 the United States Of America defeated Japan’s navy forces and captured key Western Pacific.

The war in Europe ended with an invasion of Germany by the Western Allies and the Soviet Union  culminating the capture of Berlin, by soviet and polish forces and the subsequent German surrender on 8 May 1945. Following the Potsdam Declaration by the allies on 26 July 1945, the united states dropped 2 atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of  Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and August 9. With an invasion of the Japanese Archipelago imminent, and the Soviet Union having declared war on Japan by invading Manchuria, Japan surrendered on August 15 1945, ending the war in Asia and cementing the total victory of the allies over the Axis.

World Of War 2 altered the political alignment and social structure of the world. The United nations (UN) was established to foster international co-operation and prevent future conflicts. The great powers that were the victors of the war–The United State, The Soviet Union, China, The United kingdom, and France– became the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. The Soviet Union and the United States emerged as rival superpowers, setting the stage of the Cold War, which lasted for the next 46 years. Meanwhile, the influence of the European great powers started to decline, while the decolonization of Asia and Africa began. Most countries whose industries had been damaged moved towards economic recovery. Political integration, especially in Europe, emerged as an effort to stabilize postwar relations and cooperate more effectively in the Cold War.

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Hey guys, so i’ve been thinking that i am going to base my website all around history and occasional random facts. All of the old content will remain, although all new content will be based on history.

The Civil War

The civil war was the worst war in American history. Most of the battles were fought in Kentucky,Virginia,Tennessee, and the carolinas.  Over 620,000 soldiers died in the Civil war. They either died of many things such as combat, accident, starvation, and disease.  Most soldiers in the civil war were poorly fed.  They ate coffee, salt pork and any fruits and vegetables they could find on the march.  Almost all the confederates died of starvation at the end of the war.


Some people believe the union won because of are factories, others believe the union won because we outnumbered the confederate, we had 2,128,948 soldiers. They had 1,082,119 soldiers. One of the reasons the confederate did not win is because the union blocked pretty much everyone of their ports. Since we blocked all their ports they could not sell their cotton and tobacco.


Almost all the prisoners of war that were captured died in those prisons.   Nearly as many people died in those prisons in the civil war as many people died fighting in Vietnam. There were more than 400,000 captured in the civil war.


The confederate states of America were really serious about being a nation.  They developed there own currency,and made their own laws, and elected a president who was Jefferson Davis.


Gettysburg is one of my favorite battles in the civil war. General George Meade was the union commander during the battle of Gettysburg. In the 2nd day of the war Meade commanded his army to defend the area between Culp’s hill and little round top. He defended those hills until the 4th day of the battle which was the last day of the battle. The confederates marched into Gettysburg looking for shoes, and the union were marching to Richmond the confederate states of Americas’s capital looking to invade it. The city Gettysburg is in the state Pennsylvania.


The most common rifle in the civil war was a smooth bore musket, a weapon of limited range and accuracy. That rifle was loaded at the muzzle. A good shooter could fire about 6 bullets a minute. Very few people died of sabers in the civil war, although quite a few died by bayonets. There were a few hand guns in the civil war but very few. One of the most important weapons in the civil war was a smooth iron cannon. They shot 60 pound cannon balls. A cannonball was blasted by gunpowder. it was all loaded at the back. First they put a cannon ball in and then put a packet of gunpowder with a fuse. Then they lit the fuse and shot the cannon ball. Then they took a sponge at the end of a stick and put it into the cannon to put out and sparks that could set off the cannon. The cannon was the start of modern artillery.


Personally I do not understand why a lot of people enlisted to get into the war. A white union private made $13 dollars a month.


When soldiers were not battling and they were at their camps they were overcome with boredom. They would send letters home, playing with cards and dominoes to try to get rid of the boredom. Most of the time they were making meals and cutting firewood. In the winter they lived in log cabins that were used as firewood in the spring.


There were not very much medicine.  A lot of the soldiers died of infections. The most common thing they did with a wounded soldier was to cut of the limb that got hurt. They did not know what to do to prevent infection. There were also very few pain killers, so wounded soldiers were held down my several people while they were screaming bloody murder while cutting off the wounded limb.


The war started when the confederate fired cannons on fort Sumter. The fort  eventually surrendered to the confederate. The first few battles of the civil war the union lost. Fort Sumter was on the coast of Charleston.


11 states seceded from the USA. South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee.


It was a very brutal war.


American football

Hello fellow americans and anyone else that likes American football. As you would probably guess I root for the Michigan wolverines. I mainly watch the big ten but I also watch the NFL. Our old Quarterback was Denard Robinson. Some people that he was really good some thought he was really bad But almost everyone thought he should be a wide receiver because if you give him some room he will outrun almost everyone. But 2012 was his last season so not he is being drafted into the NFL. Here is a little history about the Michigan Wolverines. The michigan wolverines has had 9 coaches from 1900-1989 had 9 head coaches which were all inducted into the hall of fame either as a coach or player. For more information Go to

First season 1879
Athletic director David Brandon
Head coach Brady Hoke
3rd year, 19–7  (.731)
Home stadium Michigan Stadium
Year built 1927
Stadium capacity 109,901
Stadium surface FieldTurf
Location Ann Arbor, Michigan
League NCAA Division I FBS
Conference Big Ten
Division Legends
All-time record 903–315–36 (.734)
Postseason bowl record 20–22
Claimed national titles 11
Conference titles 42
Division titles 0
Heisman winners 3
Consensus All-Americans 78[1]

Random fact of the day

Mary Stuart became Queen of Scotland when she was only six days old

Random fact of the day

Mosquito repellents don’t repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquito’s sensors so they don’t know you’re there.

Hello guys this is another game I commonly play by the same company that makes Warcraft Its a lot different than Warcraft cause this is more of a modern day game of chess by that I mean its a strategy game. The campaign has about 25 missions and a really good story line if you watch the videos. After the campaign you unlock the multiplier which allows you to choose your race (Protoss,zerg,and terran) whether to fight against AI  or real people and then you choose what kind of game like 2v2 3v3 4v4 . Protoss is more of an alien type race, zerg is an infestation, and terran is a human-like race. Personally i think Terran and protoss are the best races but that is my opinion. You can buy the game from best buy for 40$ or digitally  download it at It is a really fun game but hard. I would highly recommend Starcraft to any person who likes strategy games.


Giant Pandas

A giant panda is super cute, which is the first fact that most people agree with not all so technically its not a fact but in my mind it is. The giant panda’s scientific name is Ailuropoda melanoleuca. it is easy to tell a giant panda apart from other animals with their large black patches all over their bodies. A panda is belongs to the Carnivora group its diet is 99% bamboo but they sometimes eat rodents and carrion. Giant pandas live in mountain ranges in china. Because of farming and harvesting trees giant pandas have been forced to retreat from the lowlands into the high mountains. there are about 1-5 thousand wild pandas in existence. The reason its called the giant panda is because there is a species called the red panda which is actually a bear. They are on the endangered list but the IUCN has not decided to move them from the endangered to vulnerable. A giant panda has a black and white coat. Males weigh about 350 lb (170 kg) although females can weigh as low as 170 lb (75 kg) but can also weigh up to 280 lb (125 kg). Average adults weight is 220-250 lb (100-115 kg). The giant panda has the body of a bear with black spots and white all over the rest of their body. Scientists are not sure why their unusual bears are black and white. They think it is because of there snowy and rocky habitat and their coat is for camouflage and the reason its so thick is to protect against the extreme cold. It has large molar teeth and strong jaw-muscles for crushing tough bamboo. A panda has 5 fingers with a thumb to help hold bamboo. A giant panda has a tail of 4-6 inches the 2nd largest in the bear family. A giant panda lives in captivity about 20-30 years. The oldest known giant panda in captivity was a female whose name was ming ming lve until the age 34. Giant pandas in the wild are territorial and spend the majority of its live roaming and feeding in bamboo forests. Giant pandas are pretty much solitary because each adult has its own defined territory and a female is not tolerant of having another female in her range. Pandas talk and communicate to each other by vocalization and claw marks or spraying urine(yeah I know thats gross). They have the ability to climb and find shelter in hollow trees or crevices in big rocks, but normally don’t establish permanent dens and are always on the move.For that reason they do not hibernate and will move to elevations with warmer temperatures. Pandas rely on spatial memory instead of visual memory like us. Social encounters usually happen during the brief breed season to mate although after that the male leaves the female to raise the baby panda by itself. Some people believe Giant pandas are docile they have attacked humans several times, although we think its out of irritation rather than aggression. Technically Giant pandas are carnivorous because they may eat small birds and rodents there diet is primarily herbivorous and consists of 99% bamboo and 1% meat. The reason it’s considered carnivorous is because it has the digestive system of a carnivore. The giant panda is considered a highly specialized animal with unique adaptations, and has lived in bamboo forests for at least millions of years if not longer. Giant pandas eat about 20 – 30 lbs(9-14kg) bamboo per day with this diet that can poop up to 40 times(eww). Since it consumes a low nutrition diet it must keep its digestive tract full. Since it has a low energy input it has affected their behavior over the years. Giant pandas limit the social life much and avoid steep slopes to control its energy output. the pandas most distinctive reorganizations are its round face and large body are adaptations to their bamboo diet. The reason for the round face is because it gives it the ability to have strong jaw muscles which allows it to crush bamboo.Pandas will eat any of the 25 different species of bamboo. A giant panda must have at least have 2 species in its range to avoid starvation.
I really think Giant Pandas are really cute although may attack humans.

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